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Bay Ridge archive

Bay Ridge–Bensonhurst

Saturday, Oct. 6, 2007

ATM bounce at check-cashing store

Bay Ridge: What happened to all that money in the ATM? Plus all the other crime news from Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and Bensonhurst. Comment.

The city game — of old

Bay Ridge: Once, stickball was played on every street, on every day, in every corner of Brooklyn. Now, it’s kept alive by an increasingly small band of old-timers. But pity the youngsters who try to take these guys down! Comment.

Fall festivals fill the Ridge

Yellow Hooker: Our columnist loves those fall festivals! Comment.

Asian-Americans fail to find FEMA funds

Bay Ridge: Eight weeks after a freak storm struck, Bay Ridge’s tornado-ravaged Asian-American community still won’t open the door to Uncle Sam’s handouts. Comments (1).

The err of our ways

Bay Ridge: Last week’s article about a prematurely unearthed time capsule suggested that local activist Peter Killen was against the idea of reburying it on private property (“Capsule unearthed 46 years early,” Sept. 29). The comment was actually made by Councilman Vince Gentile (D–Bay Ridge). Comments (1).