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Thursday, Sept. 25, 2008

Very good Ames

Books: Author Jonathan Ames is back — this time with a racy, randy, raucous new graphic novel, “The Alcoholic.” Is it about him? What do you think? Comment.

1,500 bottles of beer on the wall

Shopping: A Fifth Avenue grocery is uncapping a new strategy to tap into Greenwood Heights’ shifting demographics — widening its already expansive beer selection. Comments (1).

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Pour it on

Dining: Anyone who’s seen “Sideways” knows the basics of wine tasting — swirl glass, stick in nose, inhale — but how do you go about tasting a Jim Beam? Or a Basil Hayden’s, for that matter? Comment.

Arty development

Waiting in the Wings: Our weekly roundup of upcoming theatrical productions. Comment.

Booze news

Shopping: Soon, Windsor Terrace will have a little more Beaujolais and a little less boxed wine. Comment.

A regular Joe’s

Shopping: By the time you read this, Trader Joe’s will be open at the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Court Street. Yes, that sound was your stomach grumbling. Comment.

New Orlean

Books: Susan Orlean’s first children’s book started out as a joke. Comment.

Friday, Sept. 19, 2008

Blooming good! ‘Underpants’ is a hit

Theater: What should you do this weekend? You should see “The Underpants” at the Gallery Players in Park Slope, says our reviewer. Comment.