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Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2009

Here’s a polyglot mouthful: Japanese arts come to Slavic center in Hipster Mecca

Event: Get ready for an arts festival from the Land of the Rising Sun at a Polish community center. Comment.

Food on tap

Dining: It’s one thing to have great Southwestern food. It’s quite another to serve it with a Negra Modelo on tap. Comments (5).

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Thursday, Nov. 12, 2009

Our guide to do-it-yourself fun

With the economy the way it is, who can afford the luxury of paying someone to entertain you? Today, the buzzwords are “do it yourself” — and seizing the DIY spirit will not only save you money, but also let the good times roll. Comments (1).

Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2009

Youth in trouble? It’s great theater!

Theater: Sex, drugs and family dysfunction — it’s all fodder for the young playrights of Off The Hook, a teen troupe that presents its sixth annual production on Nov. 20 and 21. Comments (1).

Friday, Nov. 6, 2009

These guys are cocoa nuts

Dining: Get ready for the Brooklyn Chocolate Experiment! Comment.