April, 2014

Goodnight, Pete: Folk Fest hosts sing-along tribute to Pete Seeger

Music: We shall be moved. Comments (1).

Folk talking: A glossary of Americana words and expressions

Music: Blend in at the Brooklyn Folk Festival with this guide to old-timey lingo. Comment.

Mind over music: Neuroscientist will transform brainwaves into live music

Music: This musical performance will be tripping the light fantastic. Comment.

Tuvan and groovin’: Trio puts modern spin on traditional throat singing

Music: Alash Ensemble is more than just a pretty voice. Comment.

Twisted strings: Gowanus fest celebrates genre-bending banjo music

Music: This ain’t your mama’s banjo music. Comments (2).

Tooting their own flute: Flutronix brings a modern sound to the classical instrument

Music: This Crown Heights duo is making the school-band staple cool again. Comment.

Coney meets Carnival: Funk group celebrates People’s Playground with a Big Easy sound

Music: This band is bringing the sounds of the Big Easy to the Big Apple — and taking listeners from the Boardwalk to Bourbon Street. Comment.

Back in tune: Rockapella plays Manhattan Beach amidst a capella revival

Music: The former “Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?” house band brings Motown classics to Kingsborough College. Comment.

March, 2014

The band played on: The rise and fall and rise of Ditmas Park duo Via Audio

Music: Via Audio has weathered the loss of its management, booking agent, and the lack of a label. But can it overcome a seperation of 2,448 miles? Comment.

Still waiting for the man: Bands play birthday tribute to Lou Reed

Music: It sounds like a perfect day. Comments (3).

Electric dreams: See a 12-piece theremin orchestra in Red Hook

Music: The popularity of the theremin comes in waves. Now it is generating buzz once again, with a history-making concert at Pioneer Works. Comments (1).

The place where we dwell: Top ’90s hip-hop songs about Brooklyn

Music: Here are some of our favorite tracks about the borough. What are yours? Comments (14).

Big boppers: The New Cookers bring the bop to Brooklyn Jazz Fest

Music: The New Cookers is steeped in the ghosts of jazz past. Comment.

Forever young: Bands play tribute to ’80s-era Bob Dylan

Music: The times, they are a-repeating. Comments (4).

Fearless Parent brings the music

Music: Our parenting columnist is spreading arts the Brooklyn way. Comments (1).

Purim rocks: This celebration has costumes and hamantashen — but no kids

Music: Why should kids have all the Purim party fun? Comment.

Rock with you: Audience members star in Michael Jackson musical

Music: This one is sure to be a thriller. Comment.

Guitar heroine: Mamie Minch doesn’t just play guitars — she also repairs them

Music: With a name like Mamie, this Park Slope musician was born to play the blues. Comment.

February, 2014

Cowboy karaoke: You are the country music star at Downtown’s Hill Country

Music: This karaoke night has both kinds of music — country and western. Comments (5).

Sharkmuffin attack! W’burg trio sinks its teeth into the music world

Music: As its name suggests, this garage rock trio is both sweet and fierce. Comment.

G’point musician has hit song with Aussie group she has never met

Music: Technology is taking singer-songwriter Christine Hoberg in strange new directions. Comment.

Outside the ring box: Find an anti-wedding band for your big day

Music: Kool and the Gang’s “Celebration” is strictly a no-no when celebrating with this bunch. Comment.

Antony and the Johnsons clarinetist creates water-inspired solo album

Music: Bedford-Stuyvesant musician Doug Wieselman is making a splash! Comments (1).

I wanna hold Japan: Japanese Beatles hit Brooklyn

Music: Talk about a magical mystery tour! Comment.

Slope pianist goes Bach to the future

Music: Simone Dinnerstein is taking New York City Bach to school. Comments (2).

Young Yeller creates big pop sounds from small Greenpoint bedroom

Music: Many musicians give up dreams of pop stardom for sensible day jobs — but Jesse Brickel has done the exact opposite. Comments (3).

January, 2014

Strange sounds: Animal-human hybrids perform at experimental music night

Music: A night of weird and wonderful music in Crown Heights will feature a performance group dressed as animal-human hybrids. Comment.

Balkan up: Golden Fest brings Balkan party to Park Slope

Music: New York’s annual celebration of Balkan music and dance turns 30 with a two-day festival at Grand Prospect Hall. Comments (1).

Bushwick’s Oneida keeps avant-rocking on

Music: The members of Oneida are not fans of downtime. Comments (1).

In sync: Fort Greene artists create opera about Milli Vanilli

Music: The story of Milli Vanilli is a drama ripe for operatic treatment — and this month, it will get one. Comments (3).

Pink gorillas put on wild ball at Botanic Garden

Music: Kids can waltz to classical music played by a skunk, a dog, and two pink gorillas at the garden’s midwinter festival. Comments (5).

Schoolhouse rocker offers to do teens’ homework if they’ll come to shows

Music: An underground concert promoter is offering to do high school kids’ homework if they come to his shows. Comments (3).

Pulling the plug: Guitarist goes off the grid to recharge

Music: As electric as his playing is, guitarist Ryan Ferreira prefers an unplugged life. Comment.

Get up, stand up! Amnesty International concert series coming to Barclays

Music: Finally — a throwback concert for the millenials! Comments (3).

Marsalis’ druthers: Playing a Fort Greene senior center

Music: A Fort Greene senior center got a dose of Lincoln Center on Friday night when jazz trumpeter and impresario Wynton Marsalis stopped by to play two sold-out shows. Comment.

Brooklyn get ready: Impressions headlines concert to fight slavery

Music: In many parts of the world, the civil rights movement never ended, and one band is still singing the soundtrack to freedom and equality. Comments (2).

285 Kent goes out with a song

Changing Brooklyn: A Williamsburg indie venue is saying sayonara with several blowout concerts over the next two weekends. Comment.

Hail to the King: A rockabilly birthday bash for Elvis

Music: New venue Radio Bushwick is hosting a birthday party for Elvis Presley, with live music, and dance, costume, and trivia contests. Comments (1).

‘Fiddling poet’ throws roots music showcase

Music: Get back to your roots at the Jalopy Theatre, with a variety show combining Appalachian string-band music with Irish, country, bluegrass, and even some percussive dancing. Comment.