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Saturday, Nov. 11, 2006

Ratner jobs fall short

Bruce’s malls haven’t met projections

Atlantic Yards: The number of retail jobs that state officials say will be created by Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards mega-development ignores the reality of his two existing shopping malls directly across the street, where job performance has fallen short, according to Ratner’s own data. Comment.

DOT’s numbers don’t add up

Development: The “Avenue of Death” is even more violent than we’d imagined. Comment.

Cross on red, or end up dead!

Development: Mom always told you to look both ways and wait for the light before you cross the street, but at one crazy Bay Ridge intersection, residents have learned that it’s actually safer to cross when the sign tells them to stop. Comment.

Pols push for priorities on ‘park’ plan

Bridge ‘Park’: A coalition of Brooklyn elected officials is demanding that state planners build the open space at the Brooklyn Bridge Park waterfront development before building the high-rise condos. Comment.

City: Ward’s Bakery is not a landmark

Development: The city derailed a longshot attempt to block the Atlantic Yards development last month, rejecting a proposal to landmark a 95-year-old building that’s slated for demolition to make way for the project. Comment.

Red Hook’s ship is out

Red Hook: The Queen Mary 2 has set sail from Red Hook for the last time this season — and already Brooklyn longshoremen are calling for the one-summer-old terminal to operate year-round. Comment.

Hittin’ the head at Owl’s Head

Development: The other day in Owl’s Head Park, a group of teen “Skateboarders for Jesus” was handing out a pamphlet titled, “Where Are You Going?” Comment.

Magic playing tricks

Development: Brooklyn’s tallest building is shrinking — at least for its future tenants. Comment.

No ‘Wonder’ about these hoopsters

Atlantic Yards: Brooklyn has its own professional basketball team, and Bruce Ratner had nothing to do it. Comment.

New EMS station

Development: First responders are getting first-class treatment, thanks to a fancy new EMS station in Carroll Gardens christened this week by Mayor Bloomberg. Comments (1).

Candy is dandy, but condos are fancier

Development: City landmarks officials finally signed off on a plan to build a four-story condo in the garden of the vacant Peaks Mason Mints factory in Brooklyn Heights. Comment.

Brennan cruises to another victory

Development: It’s hard to shake the idea that Assemblyman Jim Brennan kinda knew he wouldn’t be losing his job. Comment.