Atlantic Yards

April, 2014

DeBlasio: Bring DNC to Brooklyn, or some other part of New York

Atlantic Yards: The obvious best choice is up against venues across the East River and in 15 other cities. Comments (4).

Rumble at Three Points! Community board vies to annex Atlantic Yards

Atlantic Yards: A border dispute is brewing over which community board should have the privilege of holding the Atlantic Yards mega-development within its boundaries. Comments (3).

Green roof to help noise-proof Barclays Center

Atlantic Yards: It looks inviting sure, but no one will be allowed to play or hang out on the arena’s planned emerald ceiling. Comments (15).

March, 2014

Biz-tsar turn! Nets owner wants to pass team offices to Russia

Atlantic Yards: The Russian billionaire who owns Brooklyn’s home-team is planning to move its corporate operation overseas, apparently to beat the descent of a second Iron Curtain in response to Russia’s military chicanery in Ukraine. Comments (3).

New Barclays meditation room allows fans to pray during play

Atlantic Yards: The Barclays Center is now offering something rare in a sports arena — peace and quiet. Comments (10).

December, 2013

Boxing Days: Ratner takes month-long holiday from Yards construction

Construction Update: Mega-developer Forest City Ratner has taken this whole winter holiday thing extra-seriously by stopping the installation of modular apartment units at the only Atlantic Yards building currently being built — immediately after the work started. Comments (13).

Box fort: Atlantic Yards tower gets first building blocks

Atlantic Yards: The second phase of construction on the first and only Atlantic Yards tower now being built is like a game of Jenga in reverse. Comments (9).