Brooklyn Bridge ‘Park’

December, 2006

Pro-park people appeal their case

Bridge ‘Park’: Opponents of a state’s plan to build luxury apartments on the Brooklyn waterfront are appealing last month’s ruling that threw out their case. Comment.

Park backers lose waterfront lawsuit

Bridge ‘Park’: Brooklyn Heights residents who sued to block the state’s plan to include condos in the proposed Brooklyn Bridge Park waterfront development vowed to appeal this week’s dismissal of their case. Comment.

Empire warehouses could be home to concert hall

Bridge ‘Park’: DUMBO’s long-vacant Empire Stores warehouse is being eyed for a new performing arts venue within the proposed condo-and-open-space development commonly referred to as “Brooklyn Bridge Park,” state officials said this week. Comment.

November, 2006

Seek ‘park’-ing finds

Group asks how people will reach ‘park’

Bridge ‘Park’: How will you get to the development site commonly referred to as “Brooklyn Bridge Park”? Practice. Comment.

Pols push for priorities on ‘park’ plan

Bridge ‘Park’: A coalition of Brooklyn elected officials is demanding that state planners build the open space at the Brooklyn Bridge Park waterfront development before building the high-rise condos. Comment.

October, 2006

Trolley idea is derailed

Bridge ‘Park’: See our editorial. Comment.

Bring back a trolley!

Editorial: Calls to restore trolley service to Brooklyn probably started the day after trolley service — like the Dodgers — left Brooklyn. Comment.

Planners again consider Promenade ‘park’ link

Bridge ‘Park’: A controversial connection between the famed Brooklyn Heights Promenade and a proposed development along the Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO waterfront is back on the table. Comment.

August, 2006


Five who changed Hil’s tune on a-park-ments

Bridge ‘Park’: Who got to Hillary? Comment.

Hillary flips on a-park-ments

Bridge ‘Park’: That didn’t take long. Comment.

Hillary rips ‘park’ condos

Bridge ‘Park’: Senator Hillary Clinton criticized Brooklyn Bridge Park as “yet another luxury condo project” — and in doing so, became the highest-profile elected official to speak out against the housing, commercial and open-space development that’s being promoted as a park. Comment.

‘Park’ plan has its day in court

Bridge ‘Park’: A lawyer for the state-run Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation openly mocked a community lawsuit against the proposed waterfront development as “skullduggery” at a pre-trial hearing on Wednesday. Comment.

July, 2006

Brooklyn’s ‘Hi,’ Sierra

Bridge ‘Park’: The 750,000-member Sierra Club — which normally concerns itself with global warming and the federal Clean Water Act — has backed a comparatively small local lawsuit claiming that the proposed Brooklyn Bridge Park is actually a handout to real-estate developers. Comment.

June, 2006

It’s official: It’s no park

Editorial: A park is a park, and a project a project. As a policy, The Brooklyn Papers has, when reporting on the proposed development along the Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO waterfronts, generally referred to it as a “project” or a “development,” but certainly not a park. Comment.

Walking tour of Bridge ‘park’

Bridge ‘Park’: Hop a fence with permission from the state. Comment.

Port land becomes ‘park’

Bridge ‘Park’: One mile of waterfront land moved from one state hand to another this week when the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey formally handed over four Brooklyn Heights piers to the Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation. Comment.