July, 2014

Councilman tweets photo with anti-gay rapper Lord Jamar

Politics: Councilman and avowed hip–hop fan Jumaane Williams raised eyebrows over the weekend when he tweeted a photo of himself with the old-school MC who has gone on a one-man crusade against gay influence in rap. Comments (7).

June, 2014

Velazq-yes! Incumbent cruises to victory in congressional primary

Williamsburg: Eleven-term incumbent Nydia Velazquez has still got it. Comments (14).

Lopsided rivalry heats up in Brooklyn congressional primary

Politics: It’s power versus attorney. Comments (6).

Adams: Give kids hobbies, not guns

Adams on Line 1: We sat down with Borough President Adams this month to chat about two of his personal crusades — reducing gun violence and preventing traffic fatalities, not drinking soy lattes and finding the perfect pair of skinny jeans — though his reaction to Lana Del Rey’s “Brooklyn Baby” did come up in the conversation. Comments (3).

DeBlasio: Brooklyn is political party central

Prospect Heights: The obvious choice to host the 2016 Democratic National Convention is officially in the running. Comments (14).

Former DA Hynes could face $1M larceny rap

Politics: Brooklyn’s former top lawman could spend his retirement behind bars. Comments (12).

May, 2014

Two long-serving assemblywomen announce retirement

Politics: Two of Brooklyn’s leading ladies are bowing out. Comments (2).

April, 2014

The donkey in the room: Every other candidate to host political bash stinks

Prospect Heights: Brooklyn stands head and shoulders above the competition for putting on the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Here is why. Comments (8).

It’s Brooklyn vs. Philadelphia in smackdown for political bash

Prospect Heights: Our favorite to host the 2016 Democratic National Convention is obvious, but will common sense prevail? We ask some local leaders, here and in the City of Brotherly Love, how the suitors stack up. Comments (12).

Grimm reaper — Ridge Rep. indicted for alleged shady business practices

Politics: United States attorneys indicted Rep. Michael Grimm (R–Bay Ridge) on April 28 on charges of illegal business practices at a Manhattan restaurant he operated prior to winning office. Comments (20).

City pitches Barclays as potential venue for 2016 political bash

Atlantic Yards: The obvious best choice is up against venues across the East River and in 15 other cities. Comments (12).

March, 2014

Beep on charity probe: Talk to my lawyer

Adams on Line 1: Borough President Adams was more than happy to give his take on the city’s War on Cars and Coney Island’s first new roller coaster since 1927 — no way is he getting on that thing — but when the conversation turned to recent reports that the city is investigating him after an aide allegedly solicited funds at Borough Hall for a nonexistent group, Adams clammed up and directed us to talk it over with his attorney. Comments (2).

Ukraine pain! Brooklynites from war-torn nation blast Russia

Politics: The conflict wrenching apart Ukraine is opening schisms among the nation’s emigres in Brooklyn — but they seem to agree on one point: Russia needs to stay out. Comments (8).

Stringer tell! The Brooklyn Paper sits down with the new comptroller

Politics: In this wide-ranging interview, Scott Stringer talks settling wrongful conviction lawsuits against Brooklyn’s former DA, why Brooklyn is the “new frontier” for tech jobs, and whose side he takes in Gov. Cuomo and Mayor DeBlasio’s spat over how to fund universal prekindergarten. Comments (2).

February, 2014

DA taps three legal eagles to investigate predecessor’s convictions

Politics: District Attorney Ken Thompson has selected a trio of power attorneys to pick over the legacy of the man he defeated last November — 23-year top lawman Charles “Joe” Hynes. Comments (7).

Eric Adams by the numbers

Adams on Line 1: The beep wants to use real-time data to bring city services like snow removal out of the “Ice Age.” Comments (2).

Repping Brooklyn! Flatbush Congresswoman wants smooth landings for borough musicians’ gear

Politics: A Flatbush pol is demanding airlines take better care of Brooklyn musicians’ precious cargo. Comments (7).

January, 2014

MEET WILL BREDDERMAN: Our reporter talks Rep. Grimm’s NY1 threats — on NY1

Politics: You read his ace coverage of Rep. Michael Grimm’s State of the Union address meltdown. Now you can watch reporter Will Bredderman discuss Grimm’s history of temper flare-ups on NY1’s “Inside City Hall.” Comment.

Brooklyn celebrates Martin Luther King day

Politics: We remembered King for a day. Comments (2).

Grimm tale: Pol backtracks after threatening reporter

Bay Ridge: Rep. Michael Grimm says he is sorry for menacing a television journalist after the President’s State of the Union address on Jan. 28, but Dems are saying he is not sorry enough — and political experts say he soon may be even sorrier. Comments (13).

Tracing the congressman’s temper

Bay Ridge: Hot-headed Rep. Michael Grimm’s scrape with NY1 reporter Michael Scotto may not have been the first time his temper got the best of him in public. Stories about the Bay Ridge congressman’s volatile demeanor have followed him for years, so we have rounded up the Republican’ greatest hits. Comment.

‘Satanic’ Pussy Riot not welcome in Brooklyn: Orthodox priest

Prospect Heights: The world-renowned Russian anarchists who plan to appear at a Feb. 5 concert at the Barclays Center are actually disciples of the Antichrist, according to one man of the cloth. Comments (10).

Thompson appointees bring history, baggage to new posts

Politics: The first high-profile appointments by new District Attorney Ken Thompson come to Brooklyn with some history from the Manhattan prosecutor’s office — and even a bit of baggage. Comments (2).

Reynoso starts reign taking aim at gentrification

Checkin’ in with: We caught up with Williamsburg’s new councilman two weeks into his term and learned fighting out-of-control rents is at the top of his to-do list. Comments (17).

In case you missed it: Reporter Will Bredderman talked DeBlasio, first-year Council class on TV

Politics: He did it again! Political reporter extraordinaire Will Bredderman was a guest on yesterday’s edition of BK Live! hosted by our pals at Brooklyn Independent Media. He talked the early days of the DeBlasio administration and what an ultra-progressive bloc means for city politics. This is must-see TV and you can watch it right here. Comment.

DeBlasio corrected for showing up to jailer graduation an hour late

Politics: Sloper-in-Chief DeBlasio further cemented his reputation for serial tardiness yesterday, when he kept the Department of Corrections academy’s graduation ceremony waiting. Comments (18).

In case you missed it: Reporter Will Bredderman talked what 2014 means on TV yesterday

Politics: Political reporter extraordinaire Will Bredderman was a guest on yesterday’s edition of BK Live over at Brooklyn Independent Media. He served up some incisive analysis about who is still living the Hurricane Sandy recovery, what the future holds for Democratic power couple Charles and Inez Barron, and what new Borough President Eric Adams has hanging over his head. He was joined by our pal Kenton Kirby, editor-in-chief of Caribbean Life, and Jarret Murphy, editor-in-chief of City Limits. You can catch all the action right here. Comment.

Exit through the gift shop: Tears and tchotchkes on Markowitz’s last day

Williamsburg–Greenpoint Waterfront: Marty Markowitz begins the new year as a borough president, minus the “p.” Comments (7).

Zero tolerance: Grieving Slope parents say they’ll hold DeBlasio to his promise to end crash deaths

Mean Streets: Street safety advocates and Park Slopers descended upon Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s Jan. 1 inauguration ceremony to remind the freshly-minted executive that he promised to bring traffic deaths in the city down to zero by 2024. Comments (33).