Cleaning Our Waterways

December, 2010

Kayak flip flop! City will lift ban on boat launches into filthy Newtown Creek

Cleaning Our Waterways: Don’t worry, Brooklyn — you’ll soon be able to kayak in heavily polluted waters. Comments (2).

November, 2010

Digging deep! EPA archeologist rolls up his sleeves on the Gowanus

Cleaning Our Waterways: Meet the man who is knee deep in historic muck. Comment.

ExxonMobil to pay $25M to fix Greenpoint mess

Cleaning Our Waterways: The state has reached a $25-million settlement with ExxonMobil, ordering the oil corporation to finish cleaning up the state’s largest oil spill under Greenpoint. Comments (2).

City tightens ban on Newtown Creek kayaking

Cleaning Our Waterways: Local outdoorsmen are livid, but agency says that Superfund designation demands “caution.” Comments (4).

Feds: We know where Gowanus Canal filth is

Cleaning Our Waterways: Federal officials have identified three “hot spots” of intense contamination — and the source of cancer-causing toxic vapors — along the polluted Gowanus Canal. Comments (2).

Three toxic sites — a status report

Cleaning Our Waterways: National Grid is charged with cleaning up all three “hot spots,” and has yet to determine what the work will cost. Here’s the status at each of the sites. Comment.

It’s the pits — in a good way!

Cleaning Our Waterways: Locals dig up sidewalks to help save the world (or at least the Gowanus Canal). Comments (8).

October, 2010

Storm king! Here’s one way to help clean the Newtown Creek

Cleaning Our Waterways: Three environmental advocates, fed up with polluted water pouring into Newtown Creek, are pushing an innovative solution to clean it up. Comment.

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Bankrupt firm to help ‘pay’ for Gowanus clean-up

Cleaning Our Waterways: A chemical company with two dirty Red Hook plants agreed this week to help foot the bill for the $1-billion Superfund cleanup of the Gowanus Canal — oh, but there’s one catch: the company is bankrupt. Comments (3).

September, 2010

July, 2010

‘Sponge’ worthy? Battle brews over name of a water-sipping Gowanus park

Cleaning Our Waterways: Call it “The Project Formerly Known as Sponge Park.” Comments (4).

To soak the stink, turn Sixth St into a garden

Cleaning Our Waterways: A floral sponge is about to start soaking up the stink in the Gowanus Canal. Comments (1).

Pump it up! New system will help stanch the stink in the Gowanus

Cleaning Our Waterways: A temporary system that will pump oxygen into the Gowanus Canal will also inject recreational opportunities along the still-fetid waterway, officials insisted this week. Comments (1).

To clean Gowanus, Columbia Street gets messy

Cleaning Our Waterways: The clean-up of the smelly Gowanus Canal is really going to stink for people in the Columbia Street Waterfront District. Comments (1).

June, 2010

Ooh-ooh, that well! EPA digs to find source of Gowanus toxins

Cleaning Our Waterways: It’s not all fun and games at an area playground — it’s also Superfund-related science! Comment.

What are those balls in the Gowanus Canal?

Cleaning Our Waterways: There’s something floating atop the notoriously polluted Gowanus Canal — and it’s actually a good thing! Comments (2).

May, 2010

City to Red Hook: Park is safe! No PCBs found in soil tests

Cleaning Our Waterways: Red Hook Park is no red zone. Comments (3).

Report: Gowanus will bloom with more housing, less stink

Cleaning Our Waterways: The future of the toxic Gowanus Canal zone can be bright — if the waterway is cleaned and thousands of new residential apartments are built, a new report argued this week. Comments (3).

Toxic timebomb! State sues chem company for PCBs under Red Hook Park

Cleaning Our Waterways: State authorities have discovered “unacceptable” levels of cancer-causing chemicals near Red Hook Park — and the villain is the same company recently fingered by the feds for fouling the Gowanus Canal. Comment.

Superfunds! City, Nat’l Grid are on the hook for Gowanus clean-up

Cleaning Our Waterways: We’re live on the conference call about the federal government’s decision over Superfunding the Gowanus Canal. Keep clicking refresh! It doesn’t get more exciting, or live, than this! Comments (4).

March, 2010

Dirty Lowe’s down! Toxin hunters go to work near hardware giant

Cleaning Our Waterways: What’s below the Lowe’s? Comment.

This guy wants to build a cistern chapel

Cleaning Our Waterways: And it could save the Gowanus Canal! Comments (2).

The ‘Lavender Lake’ list: More possible Gowanus polluters named

Cleaning Our Waterways: The federal government has widened its search for the culprits responsible for making the Gowanus Canal one of the most polluted spots in the nation, giving it the dishonor of being named a Superfund site earlier this week. Comments (4).

Editorial: It’s Obama’s river now

Cleaning Our Waterways: Superfund designation is a good development for the Gowanus — but it’s also fraught with problems. Comments (11).

EPA says yes to Superfund

Cleaning Our Waterways: We’re live on the conference call about the federal government’s decision over Superfunding the Gowanus Canal. Keep clicking refresh! It doesn’t get more exciting, or live, than this! Comments (4).

Hey, NY Times — get our filthy canals right!

Cleaning Our Waterways: The Old Gray Lady mixed up Brooklyn’s fetid bodies of water in its Superfund coverage today! Comment.

The Gowanus: A really messy 400 years!

Cleaning Our Waterways: Here’s a timeline from the early Dutch settlers to today’s Superfund announcement. Comments (1).

The other dead zone around the Gowanus

Cleaning Our Waterways: On eve of federal Superfund announcement — 10 am today! — opponents of Superfund trot out a new argument against the designation. Comments (4).

February, 2010

Hole Foods! Clean-up of toxic site has begun!

Cleaning Our Waterways: But will Whole Foods build a store or sell? It remains unclear. Comment.

January, 2010

Man arrested for dumping crap in the Newtown Creek

Cleaning Our Waterways: We mean that literally! Comments (1).

Superstunned! City backs fed clean-up of Newtown Creek

Cleaning Our Waterways: Oh, but it’s so different than the Gowanus Canal, don’t you know? Comments (7).

Call it Hole Foods! Grocer will clean toxic site, but may not build store

Cleaning Our Waterways: The proposed site of a Whole Foods store along the Gowanus Canal may remain nothing more than a hole, but at least it will be a decontaminated one. Comments (4).