Cleaning Our Waterways

December, 2013

Gowanus Canal gets its motor running, but for how long?

Cleaning Our Waterways: The city reactivated the canal’s on-again,-off-again flushing tunnel last week, but the jury is still out on whether the drainage system will finally live up to its century-old promise and freshen the fetid canal. Comments (3).

Water under the Gardens: A look back at 102 years of flushing tunnel malfunctions

Cleaning Our Waterways: 1911: The canal is gross after four decades as an industrial waterway. The flushing tunnel is built to push water from the channel into the New York Harbor. Comments (4).

November, 2013

Lightbulb! Gowanus residents say Con Ed holds the key to saving park from tank invasion

Cleaning Our Waterways: Gowanus residents are demanding that the federal government save a beloved park by moving a sewage tank it wants to bury beneath the green space to a privately-owned lot just a few blocks away. Comments (2).

Tank rolls toward Gowanus park

Cleaning Our Waterways: The federal government is rolling forward with plans to install a massive sewage tank beneath a beloved park and pool as part of its clean-up of the fetid Gowanus Canal, closing the play space for years, unless the city comes up with a better idea. Comments (5).

October, 2013

Gearing up for a return to the Gowanus Canal’s industrial heyday, minus the toxic sludge

Cleaning Our Waterways: The hundreds of workers and the huge machinery involved in the federal clean-up of the fetid Gowanus Canal will make the waterway look like it did in its industrial heyday, federal officials say. Comments (3).

Tank you very much! Feds’ final Gowanus Canal clean-up plan calls for giant sewage containers over city’s objections

Cleaning Our Waterways: It’s signed, sealed, and delivered! Comments (11).

August, 2013

Mini-Sponge Park bound for Gowanus

Cleaning Our Waterways: The so-called Sponge Park along the banks of the putrid Gowanus Canal is finally becoming a reality — for a few feet, at least. Comments (14).

May, 2013

Mayor on Gowanus: Tanks, but no tanks

Cleaning Our Waterways: Mayor Bloomberg said Monday the city stands firm on its own strategy to clean up the filthy Gowanus Canal and that it doesn’t plan to build the massive $78-million sewage holding tanks that will likely be part of the federal government’s proposed “Superfund” cleanup. Comments (4).

Toxic avengers! Red Hookers want Gowanus sludge pier

Cleaning Our Waterways: A band of Red Hookers say the federal government should approve a plan to turn sludge dredged from the toxic Gowanus Canal into a concrete landmass off the community’s shore. Comments (94).

Tank battle: City defies feds, says it won’t build Gowanus sewage storage

Cleaning Our Waterways: The Federal Government wants to put the proverbial toilet seat down on raw sewage flowing into the Gowanus by building expensive storage tanks to hold run-off, but the city says its an unnecessary expense. Comments (13).

Save our pool! Residents battle feds Double-D closure plan

Cleaning Our Waterways: The Double-D pool is in danger, and locals are again rallying to save it. Comments (12).

April, 2013

Red Hook activists to feds: Don’t put sludge in our backyard

Cleaning Our Waterways: A group of Red Hookers have made it crystal clear that they don’t want the federal government to store the sludge dredged from the toxic Gowanus Canal on their waterfront. Comments (15).

Superfund site specific: Pollution play staged beside Gowanus

Cleaning Our Waterways: It’s not just the feds who are dredging up issues in Gowanus. Comments (23).

February, 2013

Gowanus sludge could be made into concrete, added to Red Hook coast

Cleaning Our Waterways: The federal government may turn sludge dredged from the toxic Gowanus Canal into a concrete landmass extending off the shore of Red Hook — and gift that treated terra firma to a neighborhood concrete tycoon. Comments (53).

Under the deep end! Feds may bury Gowanus sewage tank beneath Double D Pool

Cleaning Our Waterways: The feds may force the city to bury a giant holding tank for raw sewage and runoff beneath Thomas Green Playground and Douglass-Degraw Pool as part of the planned half-billion dollar cleanup of the Gowanus Canal. Comments (38).

January, 2013

RECAP: Dolphin swims into Gowanus Canal, meets its end

Cleaning Our Waterways: We usually don’t do this, but we’re re-running Friday’s dolphin story, updated for our Sunday morning audience. Comments (31).

December, 2012

Feds force city to keep sewage out of Gowanus; call for giant canal-side basins

Cleaning Our Waterways: The major revelation changes the shape of the much-hyped Superfund project. Comments (4).

Levy metal! Scrappers fined for dumping into Gowanus

Cleaning Our Waterways: A scrap metal company paid an $85,000 fine for treating the already-polluted Gowanus Canal like a trash bin. Comments (3).