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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saved by Con Ed: Sheep, llamas and goats (oy!)

Park Slope: Heroic Con Edison workers rescued sheep, goats, llamas and a cow named Aggie at the Prospect Park Zoo during the “Nor’easter of the Century.” Comment.

New blood tries to save Slope’s Montauk Club

Park Slope: The 120-year-old Montauk Club — founded during Park Slope’s first “golden age” — is trying to retool for a new epoch. Comments (1).

Ninth Street freezeout: Neighbor vs. neighbor on bike lane plan

Park Slope: Whose Ninth Street is it anyway? That’s what Park Slope residents are asking after the neighborhood clashed this week over a suddenly controversial city plan to add bike lanes and left-turn bays to Ninth Street. Comment.

One driver for the bike lane

PS … I Love You: Our columnist, a renowned leadfoot, supports a city plan to add bike lanes to Ninth Street. Comment.

Thief turns apartment into an electronics store

Park Slope: A huge haul of computers and cameras from a Fifth Street apartment — plus all the other Park Slope crime. Comment.

The 411 on 7th from 10th to 12th

Park Slope: In the past week, Seventh Avenue between 10th Street and 12th Street is buzzing with new activity. Comment.

Earth angels

Park Slope: Lots of Earth Day excitement all over the place. Comment.

D’Agostino will close in weeks

Park Slope: It was the high rent, not the high prices, that did in the popular D’Agostino supermarket on Seventh Avenue. Comment.