December, 2008

A year’s worth of opinions from our Editorial Board

Editorial: Our editorial board looks back on an award-winning, opinionated year. Comment.

Another Coney dream

Editorial: Our editorial board is skeptical of a Municipal Art Society scheme for Coney Island. Comments (3).

Yes to Dock St project

Editorial: Our editorial board supports David Walentas’s new 18-story building in DUMBO. Comments (4).

Buy local, stay local

Editorial: Our editorial board wants to you — to spend locally. But not for the obvious reason. Comments (2).

November, 2008

More Coney baloney

Editorial: Our editorial board is horrified by the city plan to spend hundreds of millions in taxpayer money — and subvert the very notion of a free market — on Mayor Bloomberg’s Coney Island folly. Comments (26).

Trim Marty’s fat

Editorial: Our editorial board supports cuts to the borough president’s office — but opposes recent calls to eliminate the office altogether. Comments (2).

President Barack Obama

Editorial: Our editorial board concludes: The election of Barack Obama is a major big deal! Comments (1).

October, 2008

Yassky’s integrity terminated

Editorial: The way Councilman David Yassky handled his vote on term limits stands out — for all the wrong reasons. Comments (10).

Mike McMahon for Congress

Editorial: Often on Election Day, the voters’ choice boils down to which of the two candidates is the least objectionable. Fortunately, Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and Bensonhurst voters have a chance to cast their ballots for a worthy candidate for Congress on Tuesday, Nov. 4: Councilman Mike McMahon. Comments (1).

Distrust but verify

Editorial: Our editorial board explains why our esteemed leaders must be questioned at all times — because they lie. Comments (2).

Bloomy’s Coney baloney

Editorial: Our editorial board says that Mayor Bloomberg’s scheme to rezone Coney Island is actually an end run around the community. Comments (14).

A death in the family

Editorial: The New York Sun closes — and our editorial board ponders the role of the print product in this supposedly online age. Comment.

No to term-limit change

Editorial: Our editorial board is opposed to politicians’ backroom maneuvers to gut the current two-limit for city office holders. Comments (1).

September, 2008

No to term-limit change

Editorial: Our editorial board is opposed to politicians’ backroom maneuvers to gut the current two-limit for city office holders. Comments (1).

Hey, Marty! Pass the pickles — and let’s gut term limits

Downtown: Here’s our photo op of the week — all five borough presidents (who are they again?) dining with our own Beep, Marty Markowitz, at Junior’s on Monday. Comments (1).

Fresh choices in three Brooklyn races

Editorial: Our editorial board endorses newcomers to replace longtime incumbents in the state Senate and in the House of Representatives, plus a veteran city councilman to represent Bay Ridge in Washington. Comments (18).

August, 2008

America’s shame

Editorial: Our editorial board is horrified by the condition of the Prison Ships Martyrs Memorial in Fort Greene Park. Comments (3).

The ‘Park’ will never be built

Editorial: Our editorial board is outraged over more incompetence — and yet another delay — at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Comments (3).

Been there, delayed that

Editorial: Our editorial board is outraged over more incompetence — and yet another delay — at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Comments (3).

This law is trash

Editorial: Our editorial board weighs in on the city’s new anti-flier law — one that will create more trash than the pamphlets and menus it seeks to prevent. Comments (3).

July, 2008

The MTA’s un-fare-ness

Editorial: Our editorial board slams the MTA for a lack of common sense in the latest Metrocard snafu. Comment.

Paper says: Bring back our trolleys

Editorial: The Federal Government’s seizure of Cadman Plaza East (for use as a judicial parking lot) presents a unique opportunity to bring trolley service back to Brooklyn. Comments (3).

Red tape tastes bad

Editorial: Our editorial board think the city could have done better in dealing with the Red Hook vendors. Comment.

Ticketing the Slope

Editorial: Our editorial board comes down against drivers who complained about getting tickets now that the long “No Parking” suspension is over in Park Slope. Comments (5).

June, 2008

The balance of power?

Editorial: Our editorial board shares its disappointment in the Supreme Court’s decision not to hear an Atlantic Yards appeal. Comments (18).

Don’t kill Red Hook

Editorial: It is tempting to see the opening of Ikea in Red Hook as a sort of “retail therapy” for a neighborhood in the doldrums — but locals should not be tempted into inviting more big box stores to play in the Hook sandbox. Comments (4).

Dreaming of Wal-Mart

Editorial: On the eve of Ikea’s grand opening in Red Hook, our editorial board restates its support for a Wal-Mart in Downtown Brooklyn. Comments (21).

Ratner’s false choice

Editorial: Why the pro–Atlantic Yards rally on Thursday at Borough Hall was a sham. Comments (19).

May, 2008

‘Park’ costs are a warning

Editorial: We have long had a problem with the funding scheme from Brooklyn Bridge Park — and this week, state and city officials freshly validated our suspicions. Comments (2).

Credit where due — and not

Editorial: Borough President Markowitz admits that he has failed on his signature issue — tourism! Comments (2).

Time’s up for Fossella

Editorial: We’d prefer a campaign on the issues — rather than one focusing on how a “law and order,” “family values,” “fiscal conservative” candidate got himself into such a mess. Comment.

Vito must step aside

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper calls for Rep. Vito Fossella to resign now rather than drag his constituents through the ongoing scandal over his drunk-driving arrest and extra-marital affair. Comment.

A fight worth having

Editorial: A community board hearing about a supposedly menacing Park Slope bar offers a chance to debate the future of our neighborhoods. Comment.

April, 2008

Remember Dick Cheney

Editorial: Rep. Vito Fossella — the city’s lone Republican congressman — called in a much-hated vice president to help him raise money. He’s banking on two things: Cheney’s pull with billionaires and voters’ short memories come November. Comments (2).

A good Coney compromise

Editorial: The future of Coney Island looks brighter than ever, thanks to a deal between the city and Joe Sitt — an agreement that The Paper long advocated. Comment.

Cut Ratner off

Editorial: He’s already getting $2 billion in public subsidies — and now Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner “wants more”? The Paper’s Editorial Board offers a handy place to put that request. Comments (2).

Protesting Ratner’s honor

Editorial: The Brooklyn Museum has every right to give Bruce Ratner an award. But the institution should not be shocked when its neighbors get angry about it. Comments (3).

March, 2008

Take back the rail yards!

Editorial: Atlantic Yards is officially dead. Now, the state must grab the corpse from Bruce Ratner and save the project. Comments (1).

Judges out of order

Editorial: The Parks Department has moved to evict a few dozen judges from parking in Columbus Park — and The Paper cheers. Comments (1).

Character does count

Editorial: The personal is political. That old 1960s-era women’s movement mantra comes to mind anew, thanks to the abrupt resignation of Gov. Spitzer. Comments (1).

Adrift on the Canal

Editorial: The Gowanus Canal is a national disgrace — and here’s how to clean the toxin- and sewage-filled corpse of water. Comments (3).

Ratner’s shell game

Editorial: It is becoming clearer and clearer that Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner will not be able to build much of the below-market-rate housing at his mega-development. Comments (2).

February, 2008

Ratner’s naked ploy

Editorial: He’s played the race card, he’s lobbied and he’s out and out lied. But now Bruce Ratner is doing something he hasn’t done in years: buying off our elected representatives in Albany. Yes, it’s ugly. Comments (3).

Paper backs Obama, McCain

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper endorses Sen. Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination. The Brooklyn Paper endorses Sen. John McCain for the Republican presidential nomination. Comments (4).

Pols must hit Ratner in wallet

Editorial: It’s time for legislatures to open their eyes and put an end to Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards subsidies. Comments (1).

January, 2008

Not a waste of time

Editorial: Lawsuits against Atlantic Yards are not a delay tactic, but a legitimate search for the truth about this shady back-room deal. Comment.

A weak court ruling

Editorial: Before Bruce Ratner follows up his victory in state Supreme Court by bringing in construction cranes, it’s worth one more attempt to make some sanity of the ongoing misinformation campaign that state officials continue to conduct at Atlantic Yards. Comments (1).

No to jailhouse school

Editorial: Our editorial blasts a city plan to put a middle school in the soon-to-reopen Brooklyn House of Detention. Comments (3).