The Dad

December, 2010

Let the kids grow up already

The Dad: Our columnist’s New Year’s resolution is to let his kids grow up Comments (2).

His daughter finds her way in the world

The Dad: Our dad columnist deals with a headstrong 15-year-old — who’s often right! Comment.

November, 2010

What happens when your kids can’t stand your company anymore?

The Dad: Our dad columnist finds out this week. Comment.

Crises are not just for middle age

The Dad: Our dad columnist runs the marathon and realizes that his daughters are looking for their own challenges. But boxing? We’ll see... Comments (1).

Needing the company of men

The Dad: Our columnist admits it: He needs to hang out with his pals sometimes! Comment.

October, 2010

He’s not agnostic about his daughters’ faith

The Dad: Our parenting columnist drags his kids to religious services — but is it for their own good, or his? Comments (4).