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December, 2007

History Thing of the past?

Yellow Hooker: Our columnist digs for history in Bay Ridge — and finds that no one else is bothering. Comment.

The Puritans get a lap dance

Yellow Hooker: Our columnist explores the world of subway lap dances. Comments (2).

Evil O’Malley is in the Hall

Yellow Hooker: They’re putting the biggest bum of ’em all in the Hall — and our columnist objects. Comment.

Sliwa to city: Elect me!

Yellow Hooker: Curtis Sliwa — Guardian Angel, radio host, self-promoter — came to Bay Ridge to talk about his future, which may someday be inexorably linked to yours. Comment.

November, 2007

Legislation is for the birds

Yellow Hooker: Our columnist says the anti-pigeon bill is fowl. Comments (2).

Trust kills the evil superbug

Yellow Hooker: Our columnist discovers the secret to killing the superbug: communication. Comments (3).

The syringe don’t fit

Yellow Hooker: Our columnist thinks Lowen’s and Dolphin Fitness are being railroaded in the steroid probe. Comments (1).

October, 2007

Delving into Ridge stench

Yellow Hooker: Our columnist gets to the bottom of the stench at Owls Head. Comment.

Victorian era ends in Ridge?

Yellow Hooker: Local activists are asking if the destruction of three beloved Bay Ridge Victorian homes is the beginning of a broader trend. Well, this columnist has an answer — let’s hope so! Comments (1).

Sister Souljah in Bay Ridge?

Yellow Hooker: Congressional candidate Steve Harrison, who is anti-war, stands up when a group of anti-war activists go too far. Comments (5).

Fall festivals fill the Ridge

Yellow Hooker: Our columnist loves those fall festivals! Comment.

September, 2007

This grass has cyber-roots

Yellow Hooker: A movement against a local crackhouse began with a mouse click. Comments (3).

Has Ridge hum been solved?

Yellow Hooker: Councilman Vince Gentile thinks he’s solved the mystery of Bay Ridge’s great hum-conundrum. But our columnist isn’t ready to award him a MacArthur grant. Comments (1).

Baby-buggy bandit in Ridge

Yellow Hooker: Our columnist uncovers a rash of stroller-jackings in Bay Ridge! Comments (1).

August, 2007

Beware of these boy SCOUTs

Yellow Hooker: Our columnist is wary of the mayor’s new plan to send inspectors to every city street. Comment.

Tornado brings out the best

Yellow Hooker: Our libertarian columnist had to admit something after last Wednesday’s tornado: Sometimes government can work. Comment.

Is it Bay Ridge Syndrome?

Yellow Hooker: Our columnist attempts to get to the bottom of the lack of information on two recent Ridge crimes, and learns something along the way. Comments (1).

Some old story ‘saving’ Ridge

Yellow Hooker: Another beloved building may be coming down for condos and - you guessed it — everyone is up in arms! Comment.

July, 2007

Skunk on Ridge attack

Yellow Hooker: Our columnist encounters an urban skunk. Comments (1).

Is Kohen Ridge Ratner?

Yellow Hooker: If Andrew Kohen’s plan to build a Home Depot in Bay Ridge is defeated, you can thank — or blame — Bruce Ratner. Comment.

June, 2007

Cell tower wars in Ridge

Yellow Hooker: There’s a new cellphone tower battle brewing. Comment.

What’s Chinese for screw-up?

Yellow Hooker: The Department of Education may have been the one to fail the exam, but it turns out an innocent student will be the one paying the price. Comment.

Daily News loves Brooklyn, too

Yellow Hooker: The Daily News comes to Bay Ridge for a listening tour — but our columnist thinks there’s a better hometown paper (hint: it’s the one you’re reading right now). Comment.

Eulogy for the Green Church

Yellow Hooker: The Green Church will not be saved — you can take that to the bank and cash it. Yet despite the writing on the check, some members of the community continue to fight the inevitable. Call it denial (or call it optimism). Comments (1).

Goldwater’s out of Mike Long’s party

Yellow Hooker: Our columnist notices that the Conservative Party isn’t all that conservative anymore. Comment.

May, 2007

These mailmen are armed for dog

Yellow Hooker: It may be National Dog Bite Prevention Week, but local mail carriers are on step ahead of their canine enemies: they’re armed with Mace! Comments (1).

Spark-filled memories

Yellow Hooker: Our columnist recalls those hazy, crazy, fireworks-filled days of summers past. Comment.

Ghost of Nixon is Eaton Craig

Yellow Hooker: Our columnist analyzes why an otherwise reasonable man would want to head the Brooklyn Republican Party. Comments (1).

Arabic TV on 94th St?

Yellow Hooker: What happened when an Arab man started digging up the sidewalk for a “television station”? The neighbors — and the community board — was just a bit concerned. Comment.

April, 2007

Our local board is a hot ticket!

Yellow Hooker: Don’t think of community board meetings as boring. Think of them as free entertainment! Comment.

Ridge on a slippery ‘Slope’

Yellow Hooker: Is Bay Ridge becoming the new Park Slope? And what will it mean for Dyker? Comment.

A culture of death in Bay Ridge?

Yellow Hooker: Has a darkness settled over Bay Ridge? Comments (1).

Is Gentile pulling a Ratner on us?

Yellow Hooker: What’s more important, individual rights or the good of the community? Comment.

March, 2007

Growing out of Gotti

Yellow Hooker: The Gottis were coming to Bay Ridge for a book reading, so our columnist went in search of historic Gottiland. Comments (1).

A Golden city on the hill?

Yellow Hooker: Our columnist imagines a city led by “Mayor Marty Golden.” Comment.

Save the Green Church. Why?

Yellow Hooker: Our columnist takes a contrary view about saving a Bay Ridge church that is slated to be torn down for condos. Comments (1).

Sanitation versus Sonny

Yellow Hooker: Our columnist tries to solve the mystery of how a home without a driveway can get a ticket from the Sanitation Department for having a dirty driveway. Comment.

February, 2007

Searching for Tony Manero

Yellow Hooker: Our columnist goes in search of Brooklyn’s (Increasingly) Little Italy. Comments (2).

A Valentine from the Mayor

Yellow Hooker: Our columnist seeks out Valentine’s Day advice from the Mayor of Bay Ridge and gets more than he bargained for. Comment.

The soothsayers of Bay Ridge

Yellow Hooker: For some reason, mystics outnumber book stores in Bay Ridge. Our columnist ponders the eternal question. Comments (1).

January, 2007

Banksteria in Bay Ridge

Yellow Hooker: Our columnist scoffed at “banksteria” — until his favorite rib joint was closed to make room for a new branch. Comment.

Hey, Bay Ridge: Fight for a real lifesaver!

Yellow Hooker: All our local pols want to save Victory Memorial Hospital, but how come no one is stepping in to save Gourmet Grill, a health food restaurant that could save even more lives? Comment.

Al Gore meets my babysitter

Yellow Hooker: Some 12-year-old girls are worried about 12-year-old boys. And some 12-year-old girls are worried about Al Gore. Comment.