The Brooklyn Nets

December, 2012

Deron needs picks to be on a roll

Back Court: So now we know: D-Will liked it better in Utah. Comments (1).

Big guys put in big effort, little guys do little

Front Court: The Nets are off to their best start in a decade — and they’ve got their big men to thank for it. Comments (2).

Nets are defenseless without Lopez

Front Court: Brook is back in Brooklyn and all is right again in the world of the Nets, right? Well, not quite. Comment.

Brook is broken, and so is Brooklyn

Front Court: If the Nets record over the last six games is any indicator, Brooklyn’s ballers will go only as far as the right foot of Brook Lopez will take them. Comment.

Deron Williams must shoot better

Back Court: Joe Johnson grabbed the ball off a Gerald Wallace miss and swung it out to Deron Williams. With 2.8 seconds left, the franchise point guard had his feet set behind the three-point arc — a clear look at the basket — as Jason Kidd scrambled to contest his shot. Comment.

Put MarShon Brooks in, coach — he’s ready to play

Back Court: In the Nets’ Twitterverse, one hashtag has been gaining traction in recent weeks: #FreeMarShon. Comments (3).

November, 2012

Reggie, Reggie, Reggie! Nets spark plug a nightmare for the Knicks

Front Court: It’s a name that has tormented Knicks fans for years: Reggie. Comments (1).

Whose house? Stackhouse!

Back Court: Brooklyn’s 96–89 triumph in the first installment of the battle of the boroughs showed a lot to like on the Nets lineup — save for the fact that shooter Joe Johnson still can’t remember how to shoot. Comment.

Nets big guys better than aging, overrated Knicks

Front Court: Go ahead, Knicks fans, enjoy it — because we all know it won’t last. Comments (12).

Trust the stats and root for the Nets

Back Court: Before the NBA season tipped off, Councilman Jumaane Williams (D–Flatbush) voiced the concerns of his constituents in a single Tweet. Comments (1).

Boro’s guards crumble against Miami’s versatility

Back Court: Nets’ general manager Billy King says he crafted the Brooklyn lineup to defeat — or “at least neutralize” — the Miami Heat, position by position. The problem is the defending champs don’t really have positions. Comment.

Nets capable of beating the dregs of the NBA

Front Court: The Nets front court took advantage of a home-and-home with the Orlando Magic — but don’t let the two wins convince you this team’s big men are ready for the big time. Comment.

Inside stuff! Paint, not perimeter, is the key

Front Court: Will it be from the inside out, or from the outside in? Comments (1).

Forget D-Will — C-Wats is the player to watch

Back Court: The Nets are off to an underwhelming start, but there’s a bright spot in the back court where you’d least expect it. Comment.