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North Brooklyn archive


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Play the field at new singles softball league this weekend

Greenpoint: If you strike out looking for dates at a bar, or a party, there’s always the softball field. Comments (1).

CB1 to city: Get CB3’s garbage trucks out of our hood!

Williamsburg: Community Board 1 has a message for the Sanitation Department — it’s time to take out the trash. Comments (2).

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Vicious chokehold!

Williamsburg: A woman is choked. Plus all the other crime news from Williamsburg’s 90th Precinct. Comments (5).

OK, so it’s Memorial Day — but here’s a great labor story

Williamsburg: Two former employees at a luxury rental building on the posh Williamsburg waterfront, say they were fired for trying to organize a union among coworkers to improve their working conditions. Comments (1).

McCarren Park wilding!

Greenpoint: Two teenagers are brutalized on Friday afternoon in McCarren Park by a wolfpack of other boys. Plus all the other illegal stuff from Greenpoint and Williamsburg’s 94th Precinct. Comment.

Never Scared becomes Never Scored

Greenpoint: Has a legendary kickball team run out of gas? Comment.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Inside one such troubled site

Williamsburg: The empty lot at N. Ninth and Roebling streets in Williamsburg should have been a 204-unit condo — instead it is a danger to the community. Comment.

Studio city! Bushwick artists throw open their aeries this weekend

Art: Brooklyn’s premier artists’ studio tour returns this summer — and it is entirely free. Comment.

Monday, May 31, 2010

You want ice cream? They’ve got the goods

Williamsburg: Sometimes you leave it to the experts. Sometimes — particularly when ridiculously amazing ice cream from Phinizy and Phebe is involved — you don’t. Comments (1).

Our “Do It Yourself” summer section!

Memorial Day is behind us, so it’s officially summer in our book. And that means grilling outdoors, downing a few beers and cooling off with a cone. But why have someone else do it for you, when you can do it all yourself — thanks to our first annual Do-It-Yourself summer guide? Click on the stories below — and get cooking (or brewing or freezing)! Comment.

Play the field at new singles softball league

Greenpoint: If you strike out looking for dates at a bar, or a party, there’s always the softball field. Comment.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Dinner and a movie — coming soon to Williamsburg

Williamsburg: Grab your popcorn, Williamsburg! After years of fulfilling your cinema needs outside the neighborhood, you’re about to get your very own movie house. Comments (3).

This hot dog is $11 — but it’s worth it!

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Get to St. Anselm for a new take on a classic. Comments (10).