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North Brooklyn archive


Wednesday, Dec. 22, 2010

Bushwick is the new Williamsburg

Bushwick: Williamsburg is known for its superb cuisine, old-school aesthetic, killer nightlife, and, now, exploding rent prices, tourists and trust-fund babies. So what’s a hipster to do? Pack up the ramen noodles and head to Bushwick. Comments (14).

Bushwick park gets ‘tree’-mendous boost

Bushwick: Massive damage from the September tornado is repaired, thanks to 74 new trees. Comment.

Williamsburg is all white by them

Williamsburg: No neighborhood in Brooklyn — perhaps the entire city — has experienced as much transformational change over the past decade as Williamsburg. Comments (12).

Senior scammer nabbed

Greenpoint: A reign of terror against elderly Williamsburgers may be over. Plus all the other illegal stuff from Greenpoint and Williamsburg’s 94th Precinct. Comment.

Monday, Dec. 20, 2010

The ‘Rent is Too Damn High’ guy returns! And he’s running for prez!

Greenpoint: Some people might find a rock to crawl under after failing to get even one percent of the vote in an election — but Jimmy McMillan is not some people. Comments (16).

Ovenly goodness! Two gals start a savory snack business

Foodie-in-Chief: Sayonara, stale popcorn. Bon voyage, boiled peanuts. Hungry bar patrons in Williamsburg just got a brand new snack to munch on, and it tastes a lot like bacon. Comment.

Bodega be damned! Khim’s Market replaces Deli Mart on Bedford

Williamsburg: Williamsburg’s busiest corner has a new tenant — an organic grocery store. Comments (4).

Friday, Dec. 17, 2010

Kayak flip flop! City will lift ban on boat launches into filthy Newtown Creek

Cleaning Our Waterways: Don’t worry, Brooklyn — you’ll soon be able to kayak in heavily polluted waters. Comments (2).

Guilty plea in Ridgewood Bushwick fraud case

Bushwick: A former employee of a Bushwick-based nonprofit facing a federal investigation pleaded guilty this week of defrauding the city of $4,080. Comment.

Thursday, Dec. 16, 2010

Vito goes double-dipping — goes for pension while still in office!

Bushwick: Assemblyman Vito Lopez just got re-elected to a 14th term in Albany, but he wants to start collecting his state pension right now. Comments (8).

Hundreds mourn Greenpoint Marine at funeral

Greenpoint: Hundreds of Greenpointers — civilians and soldiers alike — mourned slain Marine Sgt. Nicholas Aleman on Wednesday morning during a poignant funeral mass at St. Anthony’s Church. Comments (3).

Albany double-dipping — how it works

The Explainer: Here’s how Assemblyman Vito Lopez can collect his state pension while still earning his legislative salary — a legal maneuver that elderly state lawmakers are allowed to undertake, thanks to a 1995 law. Comment.

Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2010

Roll ‘em! New moviehouse slated for film starved Williamsburg

Cinema: Williamsburg residents won’t have to take the L train to Union Square to catch the latest blockbuster. Comments (17).