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It could be pack-up time for two allegedly crooked pols — indicted state Sens. John Sampson, of Brooklyn, and Malcolm Smith, of Queens, who both face stiff Democratic primary challenges,...  Read more

The push to bring the 2016 Democratic National Convention to Brooklyn got off on the wrong side of the river Saturday — the first meeting between borough boosters and party...  Read more

A spacey religious group flew a banner with a swastika on it over Coney Island and the Rockaways on Saturday. The Raelian religion shelled out $2,000 to rent a plane...  Read more

Brooklyn A gunman killed a Bedford-Stuyvesant resident just steps from where the victim accidently shot himself last year amid a street-corner confrontation, police sources told The Post. Tony Hinton, 21,...  Read more

A man was found dead in a Brooklyn bathtub, cops said. Police made the grisly discovery Saturday morning after responding to a call of a possible death or injury at...  Read more

He led the fight to build Barclays Center — and now Brooklyn’s biggest booster has been tapped to convince the Democratic National Committee to bring the 2016 presidential convention to...  Read more

A man accused of killing Brooklyn landlord Menachem Stark spilled his guts to cops about how he and his accomplices snatched him off the street, killed him and then tried...  Read more

Never mind! A pregnant tarantula named Penelope was supposedly on the loose in Park Slope, and her owner was scrambling to find her before she popped out her creepy spawn...  Read more

Help, my giant poisonous spider is missing — and she’s pregnant! A hairy Red Rump Tarantula named Penelope is on the loose in Park Slope and the owner is frantically...  Read more

Brooklyn A baseball-bat-wielding thief took aggressive panhandling to a whole new level in Lefferts Gardens Saturday, authorities said. Timothy Young, 20, followed a stranger on Clarkson Avenue while swinging the...  Read more

Mayor de Blasio signed a bill Thursday that launches what’s expected to become the country’s largest municipal ID program — and the administration tried to reassure undocumented immigrants they’ll be...  Read more

A Brooklyn man who spent two months at Rikers Island on a gun rap that was later tossed has settled with the city for $72,500, according to Brooklyn federal court...  Read more

Animal loving tenants at an apartment in Brooklyn are fur-ious the building’s super is forcing his cats to hunt for mice to fix the building’s raging rodent problem, residents said....  Read more

A Brooklyn man who spent nearly 16 years in prison after being wrongly convicted of killing a rabbi has settled his wrongful conviction claim against the state for $3 million....  Read more

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams cited the examples of Bill Clinton and President Obama to justify loosening marijuana penalties in New York. “Clinton smoked a joint, and he became president....  Read more

It took a disgusted Brooklyn jury just 20 minutes of deliberation Wednesday to find a New Jersey man guilty for duping a 15-year-old girl into thinking she had signed a...  Read more

The prosecutors’ table looked more like a sex toy sample sale Tuesday at the trial of a New Jersey man charged with convincing a Brooklyn teen that she was legally...  Read more

A hero firefighter who died battling a Brooklyn blaze was remembered Tuesday as a selfless professional who managed to fit in with everyone. Whether he was at home, at the...  Read more

The Brooklyn district attorney will stop prosecuting low level marijuana cases, his office announced Tuesday. The new pot policy will free up limited law enforcement resources and will also...  Read more

A serial robber has a sweet tooth for stealing dental equipment. Police are looking for a man who stole about $65,000 worth of equipment from two different Brooklyn dental offices...  Read more

Two subway cleaners reunited an autistic, barefoot boy with his family at a Brooklyn station Monday— hours after he slipped out of his home. One worker, Carol Goring, 48, spotted...  Read more

In a gruesome scene straight out of “Psycho,” a young Brooklyn woman was found to be living for at least a year with her mom’s skeletal remains, law-enforcement sources said....  Read more


A shooter was caught on surveillance video gunning down a man on a Brooklyn stoop, according to video released by police Monday. The video shows the suspect arguing with the...  Read more

A New Jersey man duped a Brooklyn teen into thinking that she had signed a contract agreeing to have sex with him — complete with a confidentiality agreement barring her...  Read more

A Brooklyn man was sentenced Monday to 18 years behind bars for raping his 8-year-old stepdaughter — who kept the sickening sex attack a secret until revealing it in a  Read more

She wants more time. The anguished widow of a firefighter killed in a Brooklyn blaze bared her soul in an emotional note about her husband just hours after he died....  Read more

A Brooklyn man charged with attempted murder for allegedly tossing a child’s Barbie bike at cops from his balcony — injuring four officers — was ordered held on $500,000 bond...  Read more

A “pinched” air conditioner cord in a junk-packed apartment sparked the tragic blaze that took the life a heroic Brooklyn firefighter, sources said Sunday. The Williamsburg apartment was a cluttered...  Read more

The mother of a toddler who drowned Saturday in Prospect Park spent Sunday crying and clutching her beloved child’s clothes. Yulduz Kurbonova was inconsolable over the shocking death of her...  Read more

That’s not very “Careful.” An elderly Brooklyn ambulette driver won a $14 million verdict from Careful Bus Service after one of its mini-buses smashed into his vehicle, fracturing his hip  Read more

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