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Three teenage girls were caught on videotape brutally beating a female rival in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park — while several nearby boys not only didn’t intervene, they cheered on the attackers....  Read more

Police arrested a Brooklyn man whose 3-year-old grandson went missing after he fell asleep on a train, cops said. Wiley Reynolds, 49, was picked up in Queens Saturday around 10:30...  Read more

Police released a photo of a gunman wanted for shooting a 10-year-old boy and another man in Coney Island, cops said. The child and a 25-year-old man were both walking...  Read more

A child and an adult were shot in broad daylight in Coney Island, authorities said. A boy, 10, and a man, 25, were walking in front of 2321 Mermaid Ave....  Read more

Two Coney Island pre-K teachers were “insubordinate” for teaching their students to sing a song honoring the American flag without permission, school officials declared. The PS 90 teachers had their...  Read more

Brooklyn and Queens are plagued with “zombie” properties — homes abandoned by their owners and banks that fail to complete the foreclosure process. New York currently has 807 of the...  Read more

Tragedy struck at a residential mental health facility in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Saturday night, when a 43-year-old man jumped from the roof to his death. The man leaped at around...  Read more

A 14-year-old Brooklyn girl turned suicidal when a classmate spread her nude Snapchat selfie to his pals, according to a lawsuit. The girl — a ninth-grader at Brooklyn Prospect Charter...  Read more

A man was killed by a hit and run driver in Brooklyn, cops said. The 32-year-old man was on Gerritsen and Everett avenues near Marine Park at around 2:45 a.m....  Read more

Police say they’ve found a 3-year-old boy who disappeared while riding a Brooklyn subway with his grandfather. They say another adult riding with Kah-yon Reynolds on Friday returned him safely...  Read more

The Brooklyn cabby charged with conspiring to kill relatives of his daughter’s forbidden beau was hell-bent on not leaving any survivors, the widow of one of his victims testified on...  Read more

Brooklyn ■ A man was found mortally wounded early Friday on a street in Coney Island, cops said. The victim was found at Brighton Beach Avenue and Brighton 4th Street...  Read more

A pair of twenty-something Brooklyn booze makers are warring over a secret vodka recipe — infighting that’s threatening to sink the lucrative distillery that landed the business partners on Forbes’...  Read more

Brooklyn Cops have released photos of two suspects who they say threatened to slash a straphanger they pickpocketed. The 25-year-old victim was riding a Manhattan-bound No. 4 train at about...  Read more

Beleaguered former Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes has dodged a fresh deposition in the case of a Brooklyn man who was wrongly convicted of murdering a rabbi — but a former...  Read more

Furious that his daughter “humiliated” him by fleeing her arranged marriage in Pakistan, a Brooklyn cabbie vowed to kill every last member of her new lover’s family “as a matter...  Read more

A 21-year-old man disappeared after he and four pals — celebrating their college graduation — decided to take a dip early Thursday in the East River in Brooklyn, cops said....  Read more

The campaign spokesman for embattled ex-Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes says an adviser — whom authorities say was paid out of criminal forfeiture cash — held weekly campaign meetings with...  Read more

Police have released chilling video of a gun point robbery in Brooklyn. The suspect entered a Metro PCS store on Rockaway Avenue just before 7 p.m. Monday and immediately pulled...  Read more

After six months in terrified hiding, a young Pakistani woman dramatically re-emerged in a Brooklyn courtroom Wednesday — tearfully confronting the father who’d forced her into a loveless arranged marriage...  Read more

A driver was decapitated while trying to flee police in Brooklyn — when his car slammed into the back of a flatbed truck Tuesday, sources said. The gruesome wreck happened...  Read more

A crafty Brooklyn toll collector was busted for stealing more than $24,270 in tolls he collected from commuters – replacing the stolen dough with counterfeit cash, authorities said Wednesday. Jonathan...  Read more

The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office is probing ex-DA Charles Hynes — already under investigation by state and federal authorities — over his allegedly improper use of asset-forfeiture money to pay...  Read more

While taxpayers give the de Blasios a free ride at Gracie Mansion, the mayor wants to double down and collect top-dollar rent for his home in tony Park Slope, The...  Read more

A Brooklyn man says he was falsely arrested for using a syringe to stab a bus driver and now he wants the city to fork over $14 million for ruining...  Read more

The city’s high-school graduation rate rose to 61.3 percent last year, but some schools couldn’t even reach 40 percent. Brooklyn’s Multicultural HS and the International Community HS in The Bronx...  Read more

A construction worker was seriously injured Monday morning at the future site of a Whole Foods in Williamsburg, authorities said. The hardhat was working at the site on Bedford Avenue...  Read more

A Brooklyn cabby was so enraged when his daughter ditched her arranged marriage in Pakistan to be with the man she loved that he had the paramour’s relatives killed, prosecutors...  Read more

They may teach business classes at Brooklyn College, but the school’s liberal leaders have told two of the country’s top businessmen to take their money and shove it because they...  Read more

The body of a man that was found in the waters off of Queens has been identified as a Brooklyn magazine writer and bit-actor who went missing in April. John...  Read more

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